Silver Shears & Scissors

Classic, timeless designs never go out of style. As a hairdresser, you probably know this all too well; your clients may ask for all kinds of various haircuts, but even the boldest options fall short when compared with chic, simple cuts. Where are we going with this you may ask? Well, The same goes for the absolute staple of your profession, namely, your hairdressing Scissors! Whether you're running a big hair salon or you're just starting out on this exciting career path, you need to have your trusty set of hair cutting shears and scissors. Do their type, size, and color matter? Of course they do! The tools you use must fit in your hand and feel comfortable in every position. They're like an extension of your arm and hand (sort of like Edward Scissor hand) - and their main purpose is to wow your clients and create great haircuts time and time again. However, nobody said you can't do it with style. Of course you can, and, thanks to Scissor Tech, you will!

Silver shears are a timeless, classic choice. Here at Scissor Tech, we offer you professional equipment and put an edgy yet stylish twist on some of the most frequently bought scissor pairs. Featuring some of our most popular shear items from our website, like the Lefty Matsui Alchei Mountain Scissors and the Joewell Silver Cobalt Series, these

Silver Shears range from sets, to barber scissors and more top quality silver shear options. We're inviting you to explore the world of classic designs paired with high quality and top-notch standards. View our collection of silver shears below, and feel free to check our website for sales and attractive deals.