Rainbow Shears & Scissors

In times of darkness, we could all use a good dose of hope and lively colors. With our always-fun Rainbow Hairdressing Scissors, at Scissor Tech we're doing our best to spread happiness, joy and good feels all around to our wonderful clients and fellow hairstylists. Browse our selection of Rainbow Hair Scissors & Sets. The colorful layer will bring a smile to your face while the design will guarantee that each haircut you do turns out perfect. If you want to bring that happy rainbow into your life, you can easily do it a set or two, or three or however many shears from us that you want!


What to Expect

Here at Scissor Tech, we want to provide you with the best products available on the market. We know that those shiny silver shears are the most common option, But rainbow on the other hand… Nobody said you can't have fun while working - and let's be honest, silver shears can get a little boring! Lucky for you, you can buy rainbow hair scissors and enjoy happy times at your hairdressing salon. Make your purchase at Scissor Tech and expect the following features:

  • Quality. If you want high standards, we've got you covered! On our website, you can order hair cutting tools from the best brands, such as Sozu and Matsui. Each item and shear set has a lifetime warranty and has been manufactured with care and purpose. The materials used vary from rainbow titanium and Japanese 440c steel. Feel free to read the reviews of many satisfied customers.
  • Comfort. Every hairdresser values their freedom of choice. It allows them to pick the most comfortable scissors, which is extremely important due to long hours spent standing and walking around, making sure each client leaves your salon fully satisfied. That's why our offer includes frequently used types of hair cutting equipment, including hair thinning shears, offset shears, swivel shears with a finger rest, and precision shears. You can choose the size that suits you the most and buy them individually or, if you want matching pieces of equipment, opt for an entire set. This solution is great for a number of reasons. You buy high-quality tools at a better price than when you'd buy them separately, and you get two or more pieces of equipment that have the same color scheme. Additionally, you receive a nice case and some other tools that come in handy for scissor maintenance, for example, shear oil, shear tension adjuster, and spare finger inserts, depending on the offer.
  • Style. Let's get real: colorful scissors are fun, unique and stylish. You're standing out from the crowd when you're using a pair of rainbow scissors and create immaculate haircuts time and time again. We're providing you with the most commonly used scissor types, so you don't have to choose style over quality and comfort - you get all of that in just one package, and then some more!

Our Brands

At Scissor Tech, we believe that you should always look for ways to make your profession more enjoyable. Buying a set of rainbow titanium shears for hair cutting is definitely a great solution! You don't always have to cut your clients' hair with silver scissors. Instead, you can buy a pair of rainbow shears and introduce a happy pop of color into your professional life without compromising on quality and performance. Our offer includes scissor and shear sets from the best Japanese brands. Each product is fit for a professional, and the design is simply out of this world.

If you have any questions regarding any of the products available on our website, don't hesitate and reach out to us. We'll quickly answer all your questions and dispel any doubts. If you want to learn more about our brands and products, feel free to contact us!

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